Healing Through Nature

Since 2001, over 2.77 million veterans have returned home from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Many of them have NEVER transitioned from their experiences.

Hope for Warriors

Managing physical and mental health issues associated with military service is a considerable challenge for many veterans.

Helping veterans cope with these issues has become particularly important in recent years given the extraordinary demands placed on military personnel and their families.

In response, a number of outdoor recreation groups such as Warrior Expeditions has begun to develop and sponsor group-based nature recreation programs for veterans.











Our Mission

We believe in the healing power of nature, and want to use our journey to help veterans transition from their wartime experiences through long distance outdoor expeditions

Scott and Mike have organized and will complete a 3084-mile fundraising mountain bike ride to raise awareness and support for Warrior Expeditions, helping veterans recover from their wartime experiences.

Warrior Expeditions is a 501(c)3 veteran nonprofit outdoor therapy program that helps veterans transition from their wartime experiences through long distance outdoor expeditions.

We will be riding our mountain bikes along the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route which begins in Jasper, AB Canada and follows the Great Divide, traveling nearly 3100 miles to the border of Mexico, ending at Antelope Wells, NM.


This ride will be entirely self-supported as we carry all our supplies on-board our bikes. Along the way we will climb over 230,000 feet in elevation which is the equivalent of riding from sea level to the top of Mt. Everest nearly 8 times.


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