Meet Our Team


Expedition Leader

Mike is a United States Air Force veteran who served over 4 years as a Security Forces Fire-Team Leader and was deployed to Turkey and Iraq in support of Operation Desert Storm.

Mike has competed in multiple adventure races and hiked the Florida Trail with his two son’s (12 & 15 years old) and is the author of The Florida Trail End-to-End.   

Currently he is canoeing the entire Suwanee River with his 15 year old daughter. 

Mike is also a Trail Leader with The Florida Trail Association, organizing hikes for experienced and inexperienced hikers as well as teaching courses in Backpacking and Backpacking with Kids.


Expedition Navigator

Scott comes from a proud family with generations of Navy veterans.  Though he did not serve in the military himself, he has had the honor and privilege to work beside many who did and call many of them friends. 

To a person, he says they have been some of the highest caliber of people who have carried their desire to serve with them in civilian life. 

Scott has a deep appreciation and admiration for those who have served and sacrificed. 

This trip and money raised will become one way to express his gratitude and to bring light upon those who are struggling and in need of help. 

He has been a life-long cyclist, mainly a roadie, and competed in numerous century and shorter races.


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