It’s Funny that sometimes you don’t think about what exactly you’re “in for when you say you’re in”.

We knew we wanted to participate , to make this idea happen , but you never really know what exactly that means.

Let me tell you what it means…

The Great Divide Mountain Bike Route is a journey from Jasper, Canada , to Antelope Wells , New Mexico. It is North America’s premier long-distance mountain bike route. While traveling across North America , you bike 3,084 miles on a route that is 88% dirt and 12% paved roads. You never stray more than 50 miles from the Continental Divide (also known as the “Great Divide” ) and you have the distinct pleasure of crossing it 32 times-hitting the high point of the Divide in Indiana Pass in Colorado, at 11,910 feet. At the end of the trip , we will have climbed roughly 220,000 vertical feet , the equivalent of climbing Mt. Everest eight times, the adventure is not going to be easy.

Here is the total mileage of the route based on the state maps the route goes through:

  • 558 miles in Canada
  • 710 miles in Montana
  • 72 miles in Idaho
  • 489 miles in Wyoming
  • 545 miles in Colorado
  • 710 miles in New Mexico

The sheer magnitude of this endeavor is hard to wrap your mind around.

Stay tuned… our adventure is about to begin .

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