There is nothing more exciting than embarking a new adventure. Especially when the purpose and the mission  line up with your passion.

This is what precisely has happened to us. Three complete strangers, brought together by our passion for cycling and the outdoors, but that’s just breaking the surface.

Our bond lies deeper. As Veterans and Service members ourselves, we can understand first hand the price that has been paid and the toll that war and combat can have on an individual.

 Truth is , more and more Veterans return home every year without the ability to ever effectively transition to a “normal” life.

Our drive, our purpose is to be able to share this message with as many people as we can : We cannot Forget our Veterans and  Service members who courageously volunteered and sacrificed their lives to answer a higher calling.

What we have stumbled upon is not a new concept. There is merit and credit that must be given to those who have come before us. Men such as Earl Shaffer who told a friend in 1948 that he was going to “walk off the war” to work out the sights, sounds, and losses of World War II. Four months later, Earl Shaffer became the first person to hike the entire length of the Appalachian Trail from Georgia to Maine and like him countless others who in the wilderness and through the outdoors have been able  heal from the scars that war can leave behind.

We are doing this in order to raise awareness and money for Warrior Expeditions (

Warrior Expeditions is a veteran nonprofit outdoor therapy program that helps veterans transition from their wartime experiences through long distance outdoor expeditions. 

We hope that through our journey we can inspire people from all communities to get involved with our mission , but more importantly , we hope we can inspire Veterans to look towards a more connected life with Nature. 

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